artisans by choice.

Torrantica® identifies a "family trade" made of small handcrafted production fa cilities, mainly located inAbruzzo e Molise.
This idea originates from the firm and strong belief that quality and handicraft, especially in the food sector, make the difference. Always.
Torrantica® is an "obligation" that holds in a word the strong will of conveying and sharing the concept of"quality, passion and effort"in the food farming sector. It is the recognition given to the best traditions and recipes of our beautiful territory, placed in the middle Adriatic Region. Our products come from the mature and aware knowledge of the real meaning of quality, from the evaluation and selection of the raw material, through manufacturing and processing, up to the finished product and the consuming methods.
We are, therefore, certifi ed as organic supply chain operators
bioagricert(Certification Organics Products, Code n°146720).


intended for connoisseurs and
"nostalgic for the past"


Quality and craftsmanship. Torrantica
Certificated Tradition

Quality and

organic products


Certification of Organic Products Operator's Code n°146720

Torrantica's philosophy is based on two simple concepts: the quality and the genuineness of the raw materials and their handmade processing.
In strong synergy with the production we constantly evaluate the whole food supply chain to always deliver excellent products from every point of view. Torrantica® strongly believes in quality and in organic production. We are therefore certified as organic supply chain operators in compliance with the ai sensi del Reg. CE 834/07. Furthermore, in the perspective of continuous improvement and customers care in terms of health safety and product origins, we are following a training that will be lead us to the achievement of the ISO 22005 certification (Traceability Systems in the agro-food supply chain). We do strongly believe in this course that is not compulsory and not required by Laws. They are statements and recognitions that strengthen the total commitment and dedication that characterize our work.

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